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happy birthday, amy.

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Hey, guys! I am rarely with the posting on LJ these days, but you can (and ought to) follow me on Tumblr at thestalwartannveal.tumblr.com.

Pictures - Semi-Formal (February 16th, 2006)
Pictures from the semi-formal.
I am wearing a top hat.
I think I look very nice.
Maybe just nice-nice.
But people should comment, because I like getting ego boosts and I rarely feel comfortable enough to let people see my face.

i have good postureCollapse )</center>

PS, spent the night flirting with the teaching assistant who is apparently twenty-one and graduated when I was in fifth grade. However, we had an excellent time mocking people who recite Baudelaire and/or Wilde, none of which attend my school, and dancing near the wall to Usher. Ahaha, the forbidden lesbian love.

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often it is the only
between you and
no drink,
no woman's love,
no wealth
match it.

- Bukowski

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